Stupid websites!

Capatlism is so so unfair... and isnt a game...this is why.

I run a small health sports website online it is not very big or well known at the moment, it sells a range of different sports stuff from gear to supports and braces... but big brands are stopping me from making any money online because I cannot get up to the top of the search results even though my site is the best and offers the best information about sports injuries and what have you! But these big brands are breaking search engines rules by paying for links and unfairly making their sites rank at the top! Search engines are meant to stop this but they aren't because they are big brands.. take for example scholl, scholl have recently came out of know where and are ranking for multiple insoles keywords.. not because there website is any good (it is quite frankly a very poor spammy website which is very thin on content and does not even sell insoles just a brief advertisement for scholl) and it doesn't hardly have any good links apart form having a image banner ad which is do follow and thus against googles guidelines pointing to it from channel 5...... this is really infuriating because chances are if I could afford it and bought a couple high pr links like scholl are doing and point them to my site I would most certainly get penalized for it....... Another physio website not mentioning any names... physio room has really spammy links pointing to it and is dominating the rankings for sports injury gear from being number 1 for insoles and near the top for every sport supports you can think of.... and how thye did it.. well they created a spammy widget packed full of links to their site this widget is a injury football report widget that website owners use to display injury reports form the premier league on their site... helping boost physio room rankings way way to high and unfairly. they make me SICK! Another website manipulating their search engine rankings are alegeos I cannot be bothered to spell their annoying brand name correctly..... anyway they are ranking high for tons of keywords unfairly as well since they have been buying paid sponsored links from other podiatrist websites....high pr ones too!!! As you can see the little guy who thanks to these gits will always be at the bottom of the pile and will enver get natural links and will never make money. These are just a few dominating in the footcare, health and sports niches there are dozens more just about all the results are filled by either spammers or websites buying links.

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